The Best Bags for a Trip to Europe

The modern man is always on the go, whether it’s enjoying a quick city break away from the mundanity of everyday life; broadening his horizons and travelling the world at every given opportunity; or furthering his career with the occasional opportune business trip abroad.

Of course, whatever the occasion, it is important to be geared up appropriately. In this post we are going to explore the various types of travel and the most suitable type of bag for any particular situation. (You wouldn’t get very far ‘backpacking’ through Europe with naught but a Briefcase)

Best Bags for a City Break

The world is getting smaller, which is awesome when you can find yourself in an entirely different country in a matter of hours. There are many incredible places to visit in Europe which offer the perfect opportunity for a quick city break. Places like Barcelona, Rome, Paris and Amsterdam are particularly popular at the moment. Simply book your return flights, choose your accommodation and away you go!

Naturally, men tend to travel light, so you’re not going to need a huge amount of luggage for a city break. In fact, you can fit all of your essentials into a convenient Flight Bag. Take this Burnish Brown Buffalo Leather Messenger Bag for example: it has plenty of room in the main compartment for a few pairs of trousers/shorts and t-shirts. It also has room for your tablet or i-pad, and the front pocket is suitable for any other essentials you might need.

In addition to that, if you’d rather keep your passport and money closer to hand you could take this Visconti Leather Bum Bag. It’s sleek style is perfect for discretion if you want to keep it tucked underneath your t-shirt.

Best Bags for a Business trip

The modern business man doesn’t lug around a massive backpack when he’s suited and booted. Not unless he wants to look like he’s going for a job interview in a hostel in Australia. A stylish holdall and briefcase on the other hand, really completes the look of a man who knows exactly where he is going, and means to do business when he arrives.

Check out this Woodland Leathers Holdall - This bag is ideal for carrying all of your essentials when away on a business trip. It’s large enough to fit your business attire and everything else that you might need, but not so large that you’ll end up struggling with the weight of it.

And then we have the Briefcase - No business man should ever leave home without it! You need something big enough to fit your laptop computer and any other essential documents that you will need for your meetings. Something like this Delamore Tan Leather Briefcase is purpose built, with an irrefutable air of class and charm about it.

Best Bags for Travelling

If you’re planning to travel for more than a few days, then naturally you’re going to need to pack a few more bits and bobs. First of all, something like this Falcon Black Cabin Trolley Case is ideal for taking all of your spare clothes, shoes and towels etc. It’s also convenient for wheeling around if you have a significant amount of traveling to do. There’s nothing worse than having to walk from one end of a terminal to the other with several bags over your shoulders!

Following that, something like this Troop Cotton Classic Backpack would be ideal for storing any of your essentials that you would like to keep close at hand. For example, your i-pad and a spare jumper for the flight, etc. The added beauty of having a backpack in addition to your luggage case when you go travelling, is that you can use your backpack for day trips and leave your suitcase back at the hotel!

Are you planning a trip away soon? Kit yourself out appropriately for the occasion and travel with style!