The Cotehele Collection is exclusive to Blokes Bags and offers a beautiful range of hand crafted leather bags that are affordable whilst not compromising on quality. Each bag has a traditional and rustic finish making each one slightly different to the next. They have been perfectly stitched and will be the perfect mens bag for work or leisure.

The range offers items such as Suit Carriers, Messenger Bags, Shoulder Bags and Briefcases, all in a high quality leather finish that is irresistibly stunning. Their items are often suited to travel and business trips and work well on the go. Cotehele Collection range is a perfect choice for any one who wishes to keep their items safe, and their suits crease free. 

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Cotehele Prestige Brown Leather Briefcase
£66.95 £87.04
Black Friday Saving of £20.09!
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Cotehele Prestige Brown Leather Shoulder Bag
£24.99 £35.00
Black Friday Saving of £10.01!
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