The Reinvention of the Briefcase

A briefcase is a practical everyday accessory that has risen in popularity and become a fashion must-have in recent years.

The briefcase is an ancestor of the satchel from the 14th Century, when the Romans would use it for carrying money and other valuables. Over the years it developed into a case with a hard shell, turning into the metal framed black briefcase with number lock that we generally think of. This style of briefcase was sought after for many years and thought of as an office workers staple, but as with most things, fashions change and progress.

The current style of briefcase is softer and more versatile. We live in a technology heavy era where paperwork is fast becoming a thing of the past, therefore we now look for space and security in a briefcase for our phones, tablets and chargers.

Here are just a few of our favourite briefcases that we’re sure you will love!

Felda Firenze Leather RFID Flap Over Briefcase

Made from soft, hard wearing leather, this lightweight briefcase is incredibly stylish. It has a number of compartments for keeping your personal items safe, as well as RFID blocking technology (Radio Frequency Identification), which prevents information on any chipped items from being ‘electronically pickpocketed’.

Storm Faux Leather Laptop Briefcase

This briefcase has the perfect mix of style and functionality, made from ultra soft faux leather material. With enough room for a laptop and paperwork, the briefcase has a carry handle as well as an extendable shoulder strap, versatile for every occasion.

Delamore Soft Tan Leather Briefcase

This beautiful Italian Leather Briefcase is part of the Blokes Bags exclusive Delamore collection. It is stylish and modern, versatile as a messenger bag or briefcase. It can be worn on the shoulder with the adjustable strap or carried with the strong handle. The tan colour is ultra stylish and will set you apart from all other briefcase users!

Sativa Cotton and hemp Multi Use Briefcase

This bag is well suited to someone who has a strong environmental conscience. Made from an eco-friendly hemp and cotton mix, this is a multi-use briefcase, encompassing the finer points of a shoulder bag, laptop case, briefcase and a rucksack. It has magnetic locks and plenty of room for storing your belongings, perfect as both a business or a travel bag.

Whatever your style, there is a briefcase to suit your needs. In a variety of materials and colours, you can choose from business and casual looks, or even a combination of both. One thing is for sure, the briefcase is most definitely here to stay!

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S Babila Attache Briefcase

If you’re looking for a more traditionally styled briefcase that’s of premium quality, look no further than the S Babila Attache. It has a secure combination locking system and a hard case for keeping your belongings safe and secure. Made from hard wearing leather, there are compartments inside to keep you organised, with a strong handle that is comfortable to hold.