The Very Best Unisex Bags for Men and Women

The modern world is a wonderful place where everyone can wear and do what they want (within reason – as long as you’re not hurting anyone else and you’re happy, go for it). That means that unisex items are becoming not just popular, but a must-have accessory. Whether you just like the androgynous look, you don’t want to be labelled, or you love the idea that both you and your partner can use the same bag and swap whether you need to, we’ve got exactly the right clutch, satchel, or briefcase for you.

The Clutch

A bag like the Delamore 100% Italian Leather Brown Clutch that we offer is an ideal candidate for being used by both men and women. It certainly wouldn’t look out of place in a restaurant, at a club, or in a theatre. You can store plenty of smaller items such as keys and makeup in one of the many zip up pockets making it great for keys, tickets, and change, for example.

A clutch is also a wonderful bag to pack for a short break – they’re easy to carry and supremely sturdy, so you can certainly have enough clothes and toiletries in there for a long weekend away, which saves you have to lug a large overnight bag or holdall around with you. You can take a break from the rigors of life and still look stylish!

The Satchel

Satchels are a cool, retro bag that add a chic, sophisticated look to any outfit – just take a look at the Paperhigh Vintage Large Brown Leather Satchel to see what we mean. Satchels have been around for a long time – and they started off as a man’s bag (Roman Legionnaires wore them), slowly becoming more unisex over time. Back then it was a functional (although also fairly fashion forward because, as we all know, the Romans really were ahead of their time) item of clothing, something to keep water, food, money, and weapons in – perhaps loot if victory was at hand.

Now, satchels are the ideal bag for work. Slung casually over a shoulder, they shout luxury and functionality, something that many workbags simply can’t manage. The satchel is something between a rucksack and a briefcase, and because it manages to straddle the line between the two, it’s easy to use it in any situation. Plus, buy a sturdy, well made one and it will last you for many years to come. They match with almost every outfit, work on most occasions, and really are one of the most versatile bags you can find.

The Briefcase

The Delamore Tan Leather Briefcase and others like it are exactly what the modern man or woman needs. A briefcase sends out a very direct and definite message: it says that you’re there, and you mean business. It says that you’re professional, worldly, that you know quality and luxury and you know what you like. That’s a powerful message to take into any business meeting, and having an accessory that can convey that message for you before you even need to open your mouth… that’s priceless.

But it also says that you’re a conscientious student if you’re still at college or university. A briefcase shows that you are happy to invest in your education because you know that it’s hugely important, and that you’re taking things seriously – why else would you have such a cool yet superbly appointed bag for all your books and stationery?

And guess what? A briefcase doesn’t have to go to an office. It doesn’t have to go to a college or university. It can be perfectly at home being at home – just because you don’t commute every day that doesn’t mean you don’t have things you need to have near you. It doesn’t mean that, if you do have to dash out at a moment’s notice for a last minute meeting or just because you need a change of scenery, you don’t want to be able to simply pick up your elegant briefcase, already loaded with essentials, and head out the door in style.

The Right Bag for You

Could you manage without a bag of some description? At work, at school, at home, even at play, how would you get along without a briefcase, a satchel, or a clutch? Life would be infinitely harder, and it would be a lot more messy. So finding the right unisex bag for you is essential. It’s also easy. Just come to us and you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for.