Our online store stocks a huge range of men’s leather bags in a large selection of styles, designs, colours and materials. From messenger bags to suit carrier bagsbriefcases to backpacks and even wallets and other gift options you’ll find the right item to suit your style, way of life and your needs. All of our leather bags for men are designed to be stylish, practical and of the highest possible quality, ensuring your bag isn’t just something to run around with and throw things in - it’s something you can be proud of. Everything you see here is because of a long standing passion for high quality leather men’s bags.

Blokes Bags started as a small company operating from a tiny office in the beautiful city of Bath, operated only by a husband and wife team. In October 2008 they launched the first version of their Blokes Bags site - an altogether much smaller affair, but it was still the only site on the web to deal exclusively in a range of luxury leather bags for men. After a couple of years of growth in terms of revenue, customer base and ranges a second, much fancier version of the store was launched in March of 2011. Three years after this relaunch and, for the third time, an even newer version of the store was launched, always ensuring that the site stayed relevant and trendy in both look and the products available. We have even been lucky enough to work with amazing brands such as Troop LondonAshwood Leather and Rowallan of Scotland. In all of this time we have vowed to never lose sight of what our customers continue to tell us to this day what is most important to them - durable leather bags that are fit for purpose and offer a real feel of quality and luxury.