Origin Leather Wallets - With RFID Protection

Even men with only a modicum of interest in style can appreciate the value of a good wallet. They are the most ideal way to carry around all the paper, plastic and personal items needed throughout the day; all in a manner that's sleek and irresistible. We all recognize the danger of housing our effects in something so expensive, and thus we carry with caution, but what about the things that can't simply be stolen out of your pocket? Step in Origin, who's unique range of men's leather wallets are armed with built-in protection against fraud committed through Radio Frequency Identification (RFID).

Whilst we're used to protecting our personal data through a few passwords and security codes, the use of wireless, non-contact electromagnetic fields used in everyday items such as passports and debit/credit cards makes them prime targets for crooks, who can exploit this technology for unauthorised data transfer and fraudulent purposes.

The Origin wallet range ensures your cards cannot be read by handheld devices when inside your wallet, keeping all your financial and most personal data safe. They represent a great step of men's accessory design, protecting against RFID skimming whilst remaining lightweight, designed to fit in the front pocket and generally indistinguishable from any other wallet, bar the trustworthy Origin logo.

Along with their unique security feature, Origin wallets also feature the same, handy design choices that all men are used to. These include a choice of black or brown leather, multiple flaps with slot after slot for storing credit cards, multiple ID picture windows, slip in pockets, zipped pockets and a coin pocket. Choose between a wallet with a press stud closure tab, or the classic unfolding square design - whatever you're used to.

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