Find The Perfect Christmas Gift At Blokes Bags

The Visconti Handy Wrist bag; a stylish, simple and handily sized Christmas gift.

With all the hanging decorations, dainty desserts and ribbon-bound wrapping paper, it can be hard to keep Christmas manly enough. Thankfully Blokes Bags is here to ensure that you end up with a men's bag that bulks up your masculinity, regardless of whether it's aged leather or comfortable 100% cotton your prefer to have hanging from your back or shoulder. With enough space to hold your entire hoard of gifts in a variety of designs, allow us to go through our best recommendations when it comes to finding the perfect men's bag this Christmas.
urban country bag Image of Ashwood Jasper Messenger Bag
We start off with some of the bestsellers in all of Blokes Bags. Since our site-relaunch earlier this year, we've seen the popular return of old classics, along with a few new breakthroughs in our collection of messenger and shoulder bags. Outwardly country, but internally ideal for a laptop or other office essential, the Urban Country Canvas Half Flap Messenger Bag boasts a rugged appearance in both sand and khaki with vinyl trim. Meanwhile, for those who enjoy a strong bit of tweed in their stocking, the Ashwood Jasper Messenger bag joins the 'Lovat' with quality leather and a double buckle secured flap. Both are ideal carriers for that new iPad, tablet or laptop, or to go along with a suave jacket or post-Christmas jumper.
school bag christmas gift
Whilst it's a gracious time off for both boys and men, the Christmas holidays are also a great time to recharge, re-stock and gear up on all work and school-related essentials. No matter your age or profession, returning from a Winter break with a new men's bag is a small gesture guaranteed to turn heads, particularly if you're strutting the Visconti Briefcase; a fresh leather carrier that's a real workhorse when it comes to everything professional. For young lads, what better way to walk back through the schoolyard gates than with a vintage proud Marshall Roundel Flight Bag - a great embodiment of the legendary Guitar amp maker and mod scene that will really stand out.

Last but not least, no list of Christmas gift suggestions would be complete without a few manly stocking fillers to help bulk out Santa's sack. Amongst our hefty range of wallets and washbags, we've singled out the bestselling Marco Valenti Credit Card Wallet - made with Italian leather and plenty of convenient compartments for notes, coins, cards etc. - and the Ashwood Game Wash Bag; a perfect travel companion made of lovely brown leather and the gentleman's always reliable choice of tweed.

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