Top 5 Men's Fashion Trends For 2015

We don't want to jinx it, but 2015 looks like it's going to be a great year for fashion. From hair to clothing, it seems like the last few years of fashion have been building up to this, and though we're only two weeks in 2015 is already starting to show a wide range of both boisterous and minimalist styles coming to the forefront of men's fashion.

If things carry on as they have been, it looks like this year's fashion trends for men are going to be as diverse as they are exciting; but after having taken a good look at what this year has in store for us, we believe that the following are going to be the top men's fashion trends for 2015.

Long Live Long Hair

Your hair is a key component of your individual style, which is why it deserves to be mentioned first. For the third time in a hundred years the short-back-and-sides hair style has come and gone and we believe that long, shoulder-length hair will replace it as this year's top trend.

A Denim Resurgence

Denim jeans are featured in most men's wardrobes because of their clean crisp look and the comfort they offer, but if the high street and catwalks have shown us anything it's that other items of Denim apparel are coming back into fashion.Please note: Just because denim is back in fashion doesn't mean the denim suit is (or ever really was for that matter).

Colourful Clothing

Just so we're clear we are not saying that rainbow coloured or tie-dye patterned shirts are going to be one of the top men's fashion trends for 2015. What we are saying however is that this year we're going to see more colourful ensembles; with jackets, shirts, trousers and shoes all working together to complement each other, whilst also using colour to make themselves stand out in their own right.

Suits Sans Collars

One of the more unique trends for 2015, it has taken a while but by the look of things we've finally accepted that it is possible to look smart and professional without a collar (and tie by extension, we hope). Wearing a jumper, preferably a turtle-neck, with a suit has been creeping into the workplace for some time, but 2015 will see us go one step further by replacing the collared shirt with a simple V-neck t-shirt.

We're going to make a sly 2016 prediction in light of this, and predict the return of the neckerchief and ascot into our daily fashion as a result of the v-neck's growing popularity.

Unencumbered Ensembles

As more and more men start to take their individual style more seriously, many of us will not want to spoil the look we have created for ourselves with bulky, bulging pockets. In fact 2014 saw the average working man become dissatisfied with the space available to him from pockets alone, and as more and more of us begin to rely on our tablets, MacBooks, 'phablets', etc. throughout our day to day lives, we'll all need something a little larger and more secure to carry our belongings in.

Which is exactly why we believe one of the top men's fashion trends for 2015 will be men's handbags and messenger bags. Both offer their users increased space to store and carry their belongings around with them, and there is no denying that they make exemplary fashion accessories – thanks to their brilliant use of material and colour.