Messenger Bags For Women

Messenger bags for women? At a company called Blokesbags? Surely not.

But the fact of the matter is that we sell lots of messenger bags for women to women at Blokesbags, because they are essentially unisex and look great carried by men or women.
With such a large range of messenger bags there really is something for everyone and we find that our Visconti range sells equally well with men and with women.
Not surprisingly therefore that one of our best-selling messenger bags is the appropriately named Visconti Unisex messenger which is a leather messenger bag comes in the three colours, tan, black and a dark mud brown.
Beautifully understated, it is a medium sized bag in an oiled leather, that is still big enough to carry A4 files and folders comfortably. There are also pockets for mobile phones and zip pockets for bits and bats all hidden behind a fully lined leather flap.
For those who prefer a north south orientation in their bags, then the Visconti messenger bag is the bag for you. It does all that the Unisex bag does, but is as long as the unisex is wide, again allowing for A4 files.
Neither have padded sleeves for your laptop or iPad (if it is an iPad bag you want, then check out the Visconti netbook/iPad messenger bag) so we do advise you add your own before carrying it in this bag.
If you remain skeptical that many of our bags are truly unisex then we can put you in touch with customers who have bought a bag for themselves only to find they have then had to buy another because their wife/husband liked it so much.
But Visconti's are not alone in having dual sex appeal, there are many, many more in our extensive range of messenger bags at Blokesbags. Yes, some appeal more to men and there are even a few that appeal more to women, but rest assured there are bags for everyone.
We might be called Blokesbags, but we pride ourselves on providing messenger bags for everyone.