Men's Wallet Buying Guide

Wallets - buying them is not as straightforward as you might think as there are literally thousands to choose from.

Wallets come in leather, PU, cotton weave and a whole host of other materials to suit the individual and their needs.

When choosing wallets, either for yourself or as a gift, you need to consider just what it will be used for - every day use, travel or special occasions?
What needs to be carried in it? Obvious things are credit cards, notes and some people prefer to have a coin section as well. But less obvious are travel cards, ID cards and other must carry documentation that might include your driving licence.

So how many credit card slots do you need - with the plethora of credit card, loyalty cards and other plasticised pass cards that we seem to need to carry all the time these days, you may need more slots than you originally imagined.

Do you also prefer to keep different note denominations in separate compartments - one for £50's and £20 and another for £10's and £5's for instance?
Do you also need to have a travel card in place that can be easily scanned when on the move - an Oyster card does not have to be taken out of your wallet to be useful as long as the reader can identify it.

Finally is there some reason that you need to carry photographic ID - perhaps for your place of work, if so you need to ensure the wallet of your choosing comes with a clear slot that allows the ID card to be seen easily.

That is a lot to think about, and before you go off and get the biggest of our wallets as a catchall, think again.How is it going to be carried?

If the man in question carries a man bag of some description then all to the good, but if not, where will he put it. A large bulging wallet can do dreadful thinks to the cut of a suit and are the answer to a thief's prayers if carried in a back pocket.