Best Non-Leather Holdalls

We have produced a series of articles about the very best of man bags over the years, but the one that continues to test us the most is our best holdalls.

There is so much to consider when making the final choices and if truth be known we could break it down into best sports bags, best gym bags, best overnight holdalls and the list goes on.

But for this best of we are going to stick to non-leather holdalls that make good all rounder’s and we have made our choice based on Blokesbags' best sellers, price and practicality.

First in has to be the Dunlop sports holdall because not only is it branded with the famous Dunlop logo, it is good size, looks great, is popular with everyone from school children to gym goers and it retails at a relatively inexpensive, £34.99

That you get a lot of holdall for your money is beyond debate, but what you also get is a holdall with a separate pocket at one end as well as pockets in the main compartment for your mobile or iPod.

It is available in retro black and cream or navy blue and cream and has the advantage of not just carry handles with press stud stay wrap, but a removable shoulder strap as well. A lot of bag (54 x 26 x 20 cm) for your money.

Next up on the grounds, they are also bargain priced are the Troop vintage holdalls, that never seem to go out of fashion (or thank goodness in an ever changing range, out of production).

Available in brown, light khaki or black it is great as an overnight bag or as a gym bag. Made of cotton with Italian leather trim and distressed metal furniture it measures 44 x 30 x 18cms and retails at £49.99. Oh and you never know when you might need it, but these holdalls also come with a tiny compass.

If it is canvas you prefer, but want to spend a bit more to get the look then the Boxfresh waxed canvas quilted holdalls are the bags for you - good for an overnight and probably big enough for a weekend away - and certainly classy enough for a hotel foyer.

Available only in green with a tartan lined main compartment it measures in at 48 x 27 x 28 cm, so again it is cabin baggage - no matter what the budget airlines say, so carry it on board.

Sticking with canvas for our fourth recommendation is the Canvas Polo holdall, which as the name implies has been inspired by the sport and the people who go to watch it.

Available in a light green with the figure three emblazoned across one end in cream, the trim is leather and it makes an ideal gym or overnight bag, measuring as it does 42 x 26 x 21 cm.

Final place in this, the first part of our top ten holdalls has to go to a variation on the Ducanni range of holdalls, made of tweed. Ashwood only make these bags for autumn and winter, so don't miss out as so many people do - we get enquiries all year round about these bags.