What Makes a Good Mens Washbag?

The wash bag is perhaps our one item that gets forgotten about most in our blokes bag range- but why? Especially when you've all been in the dreaded situation where you've forgotten the contents of said wash bag at least once on your travels- we all resent going to the local shop to by a spare toothbrush.

Offering plenty of compartments for your toiletries, the wash bag is our best friend when globe trotting . So it is important you find a stylish yet practical wash bag. But what features set apart the good from the bad? If you are looking to treat that special man in your life have a read of our top tips to getting the right wash bag.

What Does a Wash Bag Offer?

Firstly we need to establish the importance of a wash bag. You can't always rely on your partner or mum to pack those essentials so how does it benefit us?

  • Organisation
  • Time-saver
  • Improves your chances of not forgetting essential toiletries
  • Keeps any liquids likely to leak in separate compartments
  • Keeps any liquids away from clothes or important documents
  • Most luggage carriers have a neat compartment for the wash bag to slot in

Qualities of a Good Wash Bag?

Don't settle for any old thing, a wash bag is just as important as your holdall or suitcase for travelling in style. Quality is everything, from having a sturdy zip that won't break after three uses to a long lasting material that will see you through many trips.

  • Practical-think about what you're going to be using it for, what are the key elements you need? For example if you have a certain size bag you always use, ensure you know your measurements.
  • Durable- ensuring the material is of good quality is essential to your bag standing the test of time.
  • Style- yes it is a practical purchase, but you still want it to be stylish. Blokes Bags offers a wide range of stylish wash bags for all occasions.
  • Compartments- Having lots of compartments is extremely important especially if you want to separate products or worry about any leakage.
  • Material- this goes hand in hand with durability however think about what you need from your wash bag. For example does it need to be water proof? the likely hood of it getting splashed is very high.
  • Size- most people have certain products they use all the time, the more organised of us may even have travel versions of our favourite products.
  • Offering a wide range of high quality wash bags we have many different ranges to suit different occasions. If you're currently enjoying our bestselling Ashwood Jasper messenger Men's bag, you'd probably be delighted with their similarly designed Ashwood Leather Fold Out Wash Bag, which features a great set of double press-stud straps, and Velcro-secured pocket. Leather is a recurring factor in our wash bags as we believe if offers the perfect mix of durability and style.

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