Briefcases For Men - Not Messenger Bags

Briefcases - are you absolutely sure that is what you want? There are alternatives, but they might not be right for you.

When considering which of the baffling range of briefcases is the one for you, you first need to work out what you will be using it for and you need to consider whether one of our messenger bags might be a better bet.

In most cases there is little difference between briefcases and messenger bags, as both are designed with work in mind, although briefcases do tend to be the favoured man bag of the office professional.

A messenger bag on the other hand can be used for both work and play and much depends on the bag you choose.

With briefcases you tend to get more pockets, which is an important consideration when you are using your bag to transport not just your laptop, but its charger as well. Let's face it you need somewhere to put it, or you will quickly run out of juice.

That is where a briefcase has the advantage over a messenger bag because in addition to a padded sleeve, pockets for your mobile, credit cards, pens and key, many also have large pockets on the front that will swallow not just your charger, but the leads and plugs that go with them.

Time and time again we are contacted by customers who have bought one of our messenger bags, only to discover that with the best will in the world, they will fit everything in, everything that is except the charger.

Most of the time this is not a problem, but for longer journeys, it is a deal breaker. If you are travelling abroad and have to take what is in effect a mobile office with you, it is not good without the means to power the all important laptop

If on the other hand you charge up your laptop (or indeed tablet) before setting out and you are not expecting to use it for more than a few hours, then a messenger bag is perfect.

Both carry A4 files and documents and everything else necessary, but to many people the power pack is the thing that helps them make their decision.

If you need any more information about any of our briefcases or messenger bags then please do drop us a line.