Messenger Bags For Men

Here at Blokesbags we have found that until recently the majority of messenger bags were bought by partners for their men, because they wanted to drag him in the 21st Century.

And the really good news about that, is that we get very few back, even though we have a no quibble free UK returns service -w e even provide you with a printed pre-paid label to make the process easier.

Even better, between now and Christmas we are happy with any of our messenger bags being returned after Christmas, if he really does not want one. But rest assured the majority will be happy with your choice.

When looking at our range of messenger bags you need to consider what he usually carries in his bag. We hear horror stories every day of men insisting on carrying their belongings in shopping bags - free plastic bags from the supermarket.

Others hang on to a tatty briefcase, long past it sell by date and whilst familiarity is no bad thing, it sometimes takes someone else to take a long lingering look at the overall impression.

Does the man in your life wear smart tailor cut suits, but still carry a bag that would not sell at a jumble sale? We hear about them all the time and you are the one that knows it is time to change.

Leather messenger bags give a great first impression of the carrier - complimenting as they do, a well-made suit or a more casual look including jeans and open necked shirt.

So which bag is the right one for your man? If he carries a laptop then check the dimensions, because all but the biggest on the market will take a 17 inch screen model (you measure a the screen across the diagonal to get the exact dimensions).

Then work out what else he carries - A4 documents and files measure 297 x 210mm or 11.7 x 8.3ins so you will need one big enough for those and most will accommodate them. Additionally most come with pockets for all other essentials from mobile phones to iPods as well as keys, credit cards and pens.

We have dozens of messenger bags in our range and are confident there is one that will suit your man. If need any help choosing then drop us an email and we will get back to you.