Valentine's Day Gifts For Him

With Valentine's Day 2015 only two weeks away, your window of opportunity to get your boyfriends, husbands, etc. Valentine's present is rapidly closing. Gift ideas for men are not always the easiest thing to come across, especially if yours is the kind of man who wants very little or is on familiar terms with his Amazon wish list.

Fortunately for you, on Blokes Bags we have a pretty good idea of what kind of gifts men love to get, so if you're really stuck for ideas you've come to the right place! As a general rule if you are not sure what present to buy for your man, simply get him something that he can and will want to use every day. For the most part, men are very good at buying what they want, e.g. the latest video game, the newest Marvel comics movie, beer, etc. but we simply do not want to spend money (ours at least) on useful things that we actually need, or will make our lives easier.

This is exactly why Blokes Bags is a treasure trove of Valentine's Day gifts for him. We have over 300 products on our site, from Rowallan leather rucksacks and fabric Troop messenger bags, to eel skin men's wallets and Woodland Leather men's handbags, and each has been thoroughly vetted to ensure only the highest standards of quality.

The high quality bags and accessories we offer are the ideal Valentine's Day gifts, and not only because of their practical applications. Like any item of men's fashion, our bags have an aesthetic quality than cannot be denied or ignored, and because of the kinds of materials used to make them you will undoubtedly be able to feel the quality and passion that has gone into make them.

Men's Bags For Valentine's Day 2015

If we were to extol the virtues of all our bags we would probably still be writing this as you're reading it, so we're going to shorten the list and only tell you about the ones we really think your man will love.

Marco Valenti Credit Card Wallet

Nothing says quality like Italian leather, which is why this fashionable wallet from Marco Valenti would make such a fantastic Valentine's gift. Available in black or brown, it has four card slots, as well as a section for notes and a convenient pocket for coins.

As if that were not enough, as a final flourish this wallet comes in a protective cloth gift pouch, that will surely preserve the surprise and excitement until the very last second! (If you cannot wrap it's also a great excuse to spare the wrapping paper).

Urban Country Canvas Half Flap Messenger Bag

Made with something of an Indiana Jones-esque feel to it, this Urban Country messenger bag has a lot of character to it and manages to walk that fine line between being too casual for formal use and being too formal for casual use.

The bags interior is divided into two pockets; one of which just happens to be perfect for safely carrying around a 17” laptop or Macbook, whilst the other is ideal for carrying around all the associated accessories.

The buckles on the front are purely decorative, but they do each conceal a quick-release magnetic catch that hold the flap closed and ensures the bag's contents are safely held inside.

Falcon i-Stay iPad Bag

Is your partner one of those tech savvy guys who would not leave the house without their tablet or i-Pad? Well in that case the Falcon iPad Bag would surely be the very best Valentine's Day gift imaginable!

It features a non-slip strap that is designed to keep the bag firmly fixed to the wearer's shoulder, preventing any accidental slips that could damage the bags contents, and is made from a durable, padded nylon-based material to ensure the best care and protection is afforded to whatever is inside.

Though compact, this bag has a lot of storage space and there are multiple pockets, in addition to the main tablet / notebook compartment, that you can keep smartphones, pens, notebooks, money, credit cards, etc. in as you go about your day.

Rowallan Soft Leather Wash Bag

The perfect Valentine's Day gift for the gent who is always on the go, the Rowallan Soft Leather Wash Bag is as pleasing to the eye as it is practical, and will allow the man who owns it to carry pretty much the entire contents of their bathroom cabinet with them. Ok fine, the entire contents of the area immediately around their bathroom sink.

The wash bag has two outer pockets, both with zip-up closures, as well as a large interior space and another zip-up pocket, so to be fair if you're planning on going away together you could probably both just use the one wash bag …. and then make him carry it in his bag.

Any order placed on Blokes Bags shall be with you within 2-3 working days, and if you order before 2pm (1400) it shall be dispatched that very same day. We also offer free delivery on many of the men's bags on our site, so what are you waiting for? Make Valentine's Day 2015 the best yet by getting your partner a gift they shall always remember, constantly use and never be able to live up to.