Airport Size Restrictions and Hand Luggage Tips

There's nothing quite as suave as a man who travels in style. Whilst this obviously comes down to having the right choice of men's bag, outfit and attitude, it also includes knowing how to get from your start to your end destination with as little hassle as possible. Whilst the previous Blokes Bags blog focused on How to Pack a Suitcase Efficiently, this entry will lay out a list of handy tips for airport size restrictions and hand luggage; explaining what you can carry and the best packing options to choose when boarding your particular flight.

The Regulations

There's no simple way to sum up every airport restriction when it comes to hand luggage, but luckily the official pageon the subject lists everything in a way that's easy to reference. When it comes to hand luggage size however, that will be dependent on your particular airline. For example, British Airways

allows one item of carry-on luggage with the maximum dimensions of 56cm x 45cm x 25cm, and a personal bag of 45cm x 36cm x 20cm - both including handles, pockets and wheels. In comparison, Air Canada allows for two items of carry-on luggage, but they both have to be less than 10k

Naturally it helps to check ahead of time what your restrictions will be, to ensure there's no hassle in checking in or getting your flight. there's also little extra tips that can shave precious minutes off your check-in time, such as putting the bag upside down in the cage, wearing your bulkiest items on board the plane (you can always take the off when on board) and using roll pack bags if you're confident they won't push you over the weight limit.

Choosing the Right Bag

Aside from the restrictions imposed by your airline, there may be other factors to consider when choosing which of our men's bags to bring with you on holiday, and how to pack them. For example, should you choose a soft bag or a hard bag? Soft bags, which includes most on-wheels luggage as well as holdalls, duffels and camping rucksacks, are often favoured because they have a number of benefits. They are easier to squeeze into the overhead compartments, are better at absorbing shock and pressure and are sometimes made to be multi-functional - such as the Gino Ferrari Madison Wheeler Laptop Case

, which can be wheeled along and carried by hand

There are several other considerations that should go into picking both your carry-on and hold baggage. We spoke a little last time about how best to pack away your electronics, clothes and toiletries, but it can help a great deal if your holdall or backpack has specific slots, pouches and belts to contain all those essentials. Travel pockets on the front are an absolute essential; allowing you to access and store away your passport, travel docs and other essentials with more confidence than if they were just bandying about in your pocket. Also, speaking of quick getaways, it might also be a good idea to choose a hold bag with a bright, distinctive colour, as this allows you to pick out with ease when it first arrives on the conveyor belt.

Hand Luggage Only?

A worthy consideration if you're trying to save as much money, time and stress on your holiday, there are definite pros and cons to travelling with just your hand luggage. Whilst you'll have to be a bit more mindful of your bags weight and may have to splash out on some duty-free toiletries, getting out the airport doors and to the taxi rank before any of your fellow passengers is a remarkable feeling, plus many airlines have introduced a special, low-cost fee for those travelling in one piece.


You will have to be quite ruthless with your bags contents, taking only what is necessary, and if you have any connecting flights, be sure you've got a bag that is likely to stay within all their size limits. Remember also to be careful of any unexpected restrictions on certain items, such as the ones in this handy little list.

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