Travel Guide – 5 Grooming Products To Keep In Your Wash Bag

Whether you're going on a short weekend away or a round the world cruise, it is essential that every man who is concerned with style and looking presentable has a well stocked wash bag in tow. Most people pay very little attention to what goes in their wash bag, in fact we know of people who go away with nothing more than toothpaste and a tooth brush, tied up inside a plastic bag – Philistines! You and I know better though, don't we? We know that having the right toiletries and grooming products is as important as bringing along the right kinds of clothes.

It's not a matter of vanity. Life is full of surprises, and when the next one comes round the corner wouldn't you rather face it when you're looking your best and at your most confident? We would not have it any other way, which is why these five grooming products should be found in every man's wash bag.

Shaving Accessories & A Razor

For a lot of men, going for a couple of days without a shave, or even just a touch up, can leave you looking rather unkempt. It's hard to decide what we would rather do less, walk around with uneven stubble and stray cheek hairs, or risk picking up a cheap razor and possibly spend the rest of our time away with red-raw skin and shaving cuts. Frankly we'd rather just bring along the razor we trust (with a new head), shaving foam that will protect our skin, and maybe some after-shave balm to leave our faces feeling fresh and free from irritation.

Shampoo & Conditioner

Most hotels will supply their own, but very few put much effort into it. Even the most expensive, luxury hotel wants to maximise profits and providing every person who stays in their hotel with the best shampoo and conditioner is not really going to help them do that. A lot of shampoos and conditioners now come in travel sized bottles that will comfortably fit into your wash bag and leave plenty of space for all your other grooming products, and considering you can get travel-sized bottles of TRESemmé for £1.50, there is really no excuse why you should have to use the low quality shampoo and conditioner that hotels regularly get in.

Deodorant & Aftershave

You would not leave the house without applying deodorant or antiperspirant, so why so many people go on holiday without bringing some along is beyond us. An unpleasant body odour is internationally off-putting, which is why deodorant is essential, but why settle for just not smelling bad? You do not need to marinate yourself in aftershave, nor does the aftershave you apply need to have an overly pungent aroma. All you need is a couple of sprays around the neck and on your wrists, and a subtle fragrance will more than do the trick.


Whether you're spending your holiday on a sunny island paradise or up at the peak of a snowy mountain, chances are your skin will dry out. At first having dry skin can look a tad unsightly, but left unmanaged your skin will quickly become red and sore, which is considerably more inconvenient. Moisturiser will not only help to replenish your skin's moisture, it will keep it looking younger and more vibrant, so there really is no downside.

Hair Styling Products

A hair style says a lot about a person, which is why you should never go away without the necessary styling products. A lot of modern styles require a small amount of product at least to achieve the right look, and without it your hair's appearance will likely fall short of the mark. A tub of pomade or texturing gum will not occupy too much space in your wash bag, and what space they do take up could not be better spent, especially if you are uncertain whether you will be able to pick up any more whilst on your travels.

The only thing that rivals the importance of your wash bag's contents is your wash bag itself. We offer a range of wash bags on Blokes Bags and they come in a variety of different styles, so you're sure to find one that you like the look of.