Men's fashion for Autumn/Winter - Capsule Wardrobe

A capsule wardrobe is the concept where you have a number of key pieces that you can mix and match to create a number of different looks. By simply changing one item you can transition from a day at the office to an evening drink with your friend. Quite often, consisting of 24 pieces you will have a mix of shoes, trousers, shirts, bags and accessories that all compliment each other well.

Having a capsule wardrobe will help to reduce the decision of what you're going to wear in the morning and with the knowledge that everything goes with each other, you can't go to far wrong. So if you're a man that likes to keep up with the trends but finds it difficult to know what to wear, this is for you. We will talk about the key elements to your capsule wardrobe- The Coat & The Jacket, The Shirts & The tee's, The Shoes, The Trousers and The Bags &The Accessories

The Coat & The Jacket

An obvious essential to have in your capsule wardrobe for the autumn/winter months. Having both a coat and a jacket is essential- chose the style and colour that suits you as well as the practicality of winter weather. Choosing a jacket that is more casual that you can smarten up with a shirt and nice shoes is the way to go. With a coat that offers function and style.

The Shirts & The Tee's

Shirts and tee's are the foundation to any man's wardrobe. Having a selection of each, in the styles you like but perhaps a variety of colours that compliment each other. With a capsule wardrobe, as you have less items, you can afford to purchase more investment pieces to create a seamless, and stylish look.

The Trousers

Four key pairs of trouser will be more than enough to get you through the Autumn/winter season. Dependant on your job, you should think about having two pairs of smart work wear trousers, a casual chino or comfy pair and an excellent fitting pair of jeans. Again, when creating a capsule wardrobe, you have the great plus of really investing in well made, tailored and fitting items.

The Shoes

Having a selection of good quality shoes is key. Shoes can really change an outfit from a day to night look. For the winter, you want two pairs of smart shoes for work or events, something like a leather boot and a brogue then a couple of pairs of trainers or more casual shoes depending on your extra curricular activities.

The Bags & The Accessories

Bags are another key item that will really alter the look you are going for, from a causal weekend bag to a smart leather messenger work bag. If you are someone that works a 9-5 office job that attends regular meetings you will be looking at a messenger bag or briefcase depending on your preference, with a causal backpack or holdall for your weekends away and gym sessions. Belts, watches and wallets are the items you can purchase towards the end of your wardrobe overhaul- going for durable, quality and colour fitting items are a must.

The concept of a capsule wardrobe for men not only helps you create an effortless look, but it will also help reduce your outgoing costs by no longer buying throw away fashion items that you will probably never wear. If you have any questions or to keep up to date on our blogs please feel free to comment, follow or like our blog.