Black or Brown Messenger Bag For Work

When choosing a messenger bag for work, first and foremost you want to make sure it has all the functionalities you require - whether that's lots of useful pockets for gadgets or large compartments for documents and laptops

Then you need to think about the aesthetics. Do you want a stylish brown messenger or the classic and sophisticated black? It all depends on what look you are going for. We are going to give you the key factors you need to consider when deciding between black and brown.

  • Automatically gives you the corporate and professional vibe. So if you want everyone to know you mean business then black is the colour to go for.
  • Hand in hand with professional it will boost your smart game - giving you an overall sleek look
  • Black generally goes with every colour so no matter what suit you have, it will work.
  • What colour are your shoes and belts? you should always match where possible so if your wardrobe is full of black belts then a black bag is essential.

Brown Messengers

  • Brown portrays a creative and easy going style so would suit a more relaxed work environment that perhaps has a smart/casual dress code
  • It is perfect from transitioning between work in the day and going for drinks in the evening with your mates
  • You have a choice from a variety of shades from tan to chestnut and dark brown
  • Similar to the black bag, it is important to match your shoes or belt to the colour bag

The choice to make is what look are you going for - both colours look smart and will be suitable for the workplace. They key factors you need to think about is if you want to be more formal and classic or creative and transferable whilst also bearing in mind the rest of your wardrobe.