7 Essential Items to Have in Your Carry-On Luggage

Having the right items in your carry on luggage will make your travel experience so much easier and stress free.

Below are our top 7 essential and smart items you should have in your carry-on bag to make life that little bit easier for all you jet setters out there.

Chargers are at the top of our list, especially if you are going away on business. It's all very well having an array of devices but without their charges they will be pretty useless. Especially as these days a lot of flight and hotel information are safely stored in the comfort of our email inbox.

Documents - Although an obvious essential, are also quite often the things we forget! So your passport, a printed boarding pass (if required) and any details of where you are going or trips you have planned just in case you can't access the internet when you're at your destination.

Medication - Whether that's paracetamol for precaution or prescriptions that are essential you can simply take your required amount and put them in a clear sandwich bag so that you abide by the airport rules.

Entertainment - There's not many men that can sit and twiddle their thumbs so having something to keep you occupied is a must have. Opt for a magazine, audio book and make sure you have downloaded your favourite playlist!

Snacks - You never know when you're going to get fed on a flight (and how nice it will be) so having a small stash of your favourite snacks can be a life saver.

Change of Underwear - You never feel particularly glamorous after a flight so treat yourself to a fresh pair of undies for when you land, it will also come in handy if the dreaded happens and your luggage gets lost - you can thank us later.

Travel Toiletries - Mini toothpaste, toothbrush and moisturiser will help you to give a great first impression. Having them to hand will prevent you from trawling through your suitcase in the middle of the airport.

The most important thing when travelling is to have it as hassle free a possible which is why having these 7 essential items will ensure you are on top of your game and ready for your trip ahead!