Wallet Trackr

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The wallet Trackr from TrackR is a small and thin device that can fit inside your wallet, purse, pocket or bag with ease so that you can keep a track of where your valuables are at all times. It cleverly connects to your mobile wirelessly through the TrackR app that you can download from either the App store for Apple devices or Play Store for Android. It has been specifically designed so that it can be sat on so it is durable to withstand lots of pressure.

Distance Indicator - The TrackR app will display the distance between you and the TrackR so you can quickly and easily find the lost item if it is close by.

Phone Finder - As the TrackR is linked with your phone, you can make your phone ring by press a button on the TrackR.

Item Ringer - Ring your lost wallet or keys

Crowd GPS - For when you've well and truly lost something, the TrackR will send you a GPS update as soon as it comes in range of another TrackR user.

  • Easy to track your personal belongings
  • Wirelessly connects to your phone so you can track valuable items
  • Aluminium construction - durable and designed to be sat on 
  • No need to charge - one battery will last for 1 - 2 years
  • Measures: Height 40mm, Width 65mm, Thickness 4mm
  • Perfect for people that often misplace their valuables
  • Simply download the 'TrakR' app on either your Android or Apple device

Set up guide

  1. Ensure your device is compatible
  2. Download the TrackR app
  3. Make sure your bluetooth is on
  4. Open the TrackR app and follow the set up instructions