Messenger Bags - How Did We Manage Without Them?

Messenger Bags - How Did We Manage Without Them?

Messenger bags - however did we ever manage without them?

In their current form, they have not been around for that long, but in the time that they have, they have become a must have fashion essential. Stylish and practical. What more can you ask?

Until relatively recently, we didn't really need bags. All that we carried with us would fit neatly into our pockets, without causing unsightly bulges. But then again all we really needed to carry was a wallet, some keys and perhaps a packet of cigarettes.

Then along came the mobile phone. Early version wouldn't even fit into a bag, in fact they were so large that they came with their own bags that were big enough to accommodate a battery that was not much smaller than that fitted to a car.

But miniaturisation quickly followed and before long we had mobile phones that would fit into the palm of our hands and would even fit into a suit pocket, without looking too cumbersome.

However, around the same time, the boffins turned their attention to our personal computers and the laptop was born. That wouldn't and still won’t fit into a pocket, so we needed messenger bags.

Enter a variation on the despatch rider's staple, but with some important differences. These bags were made with the end user in mind. The cavernous main compartment was shrunk down and new pockets added to take not just the laptop, but phones and the other new kids on the block, the MP3 player.

And it didn't end there. Suddenly everyone carried not just phones and computers, but cameras and iPods as well. Messenger bags continued to evolve to cope with all the new gadgets we wanted to carry.

Today messenger bags can accommodate all of the previously mentioned gadgets, plus e-readers and everything else that we are reluctant to leave behind when we leave the house.

Try getting that little lot into your pockets. Not a chance.. Messenger bags are the only real answer and what an answer. If we can help with any of the bags in our range then please do get in touch.

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