Messenger Bags As Laptop Bags

Messenger bags are great for carrying your laptop anywhere and everywhere, so instead of thinking laptop bag, think simply messenger bags.

When looking for your ideal protector for your laptop, then simply google messenger bags for men or messenger bags for women and you will be amazed by the range available, not least at online retail specialist, Blokesbags.
At Blokesbags we have one of the biggest ranges of messenger bags on the web, but do not be put off by our name, we don't just supply men - a great many of our customers are women.
First off you need to decide what you need your messenger bags for, or put another way, just how much do you want to carry? Will you stick to the minimum - a few documents, wallet, mobile phone and keys. Or do you need a true work bag that will in effect be a mini office, slung over your shoulder?
If it is the latter, then you need to think about what size of padded sleeve you are going to need to slide your laptop into? The biggest messenger bags on the market will take a 17inch laptop no trouble, but there are many more that will accommodate 15 inch screens. Perhaps what you actually need is not so much a messenger bag as an iPad bag, of which there are many and are quite often in effect, mini messenger bags, scaled for purpose.
Next you need to decide which material you prefer. Leather messenger bags are great, but few of them could be termed weather proof and having spent a reasonable amount of money, you don't want a bag that will stain.
The same goes for canvas messenger bags, with the best will in the world and no matter what you spray them, they will never be fully waterproofed - not in the type of summer we have had in the UK this year!
Instead you might want to choose a PU or coated durable nylon, particularly if you are intending to wear it outside your raincoat when on your bike. If in doubt email us and we will advise accordingly.