How to Care for your Leather Bag

You have worked hard to purchase your stylish leather bag, an accessory that you are genuinely proud of. You have been using it everyday for many occasions, but now it's starting to look a little bit, well, grubby. Is there a way that you can care for your bag without taking it to a professional and to help ensure that it lasts for years to come?

Look after your bag from day one

If you take care of your bag from the day that you bring it home, you will be sure to have many years of use from it. The key is to look after it from day one and then maintain it every 2-3 months. As with our skin, leather ages with time and can show the stresses of everyday life. We should therefore take care of leather in the same way, using the following guidelines.

  • Keep on top of cleanliness, with a spring clean every 2-3 months
  • Be aware of what you expose it to, don’t put your bag in harms way
  • Deal with any issues immediately, rather than leave them to get worse

Things to avoid

Be aware of what will make your leather bag age more quickly. It is also crucial to know the type of things to avoid exposing it to, which might not easily be cleaned off or repaired.

  • Never use baby wipes on your bag - these often contain lanolin, which can be harmful to the leather
  • Be careful of what you put inside - if it’s likely to leak and leave a stain, leave it out
  • Avoid leaving your bag in direct sunlight and in front of heaters as this will harm the leather over time
  • Prevent your bag from getting wet wherever possible

Top tips for cleaning your bag

Make sure you look at the instructions of any cleaning products that you use, to ensure that it is suitable for using on leather. Although leather tends to look better with age, you don’t want to risk aging it unnaturally with a harsh cleaner. Sometimes it is best to get a professional to take a look at tougher stains and marks so that you don’t risk further damaging your bag. Otherwise follow these simple tips to keep your bag in great condition.

  • When not using your leather bag, try to keep it in a dust-proof bag to protect it from general household pollution
  • Remove stains as soon as you notice them, don’t let them set into the leather as they will be harder to deal with later on
  • If using a leather polish, do a spot test inside the bag first, to ensure there is no colour change as a result
  • Wash your bag gently in warm soapy water and with a soft cloth, but do not drench it
  • Wipe in the direction of the leather grain to avoid damage
  • Use the Complete Leather Car Kit to ensure your leather bag is always in tip top condition

With a little bit of care and attention there is no reason why your leather bag won’t last for many years to come. Simply be mindful of what you expose it to and deal with any stains as they occur. Then keep a regular 2-3 month cleaning routine to ensure that the leather remains supple and looking as good as the day that you bought the bag.