Bracelets for Men

The acceptance of men wearing bracelets seems like a fairly recent development in the world of fashion. In the past there has been a division as to whether it could be considered a fashion statement or a fashion faux-pas, but the debate has now settled so that a bracelet can be worn as a stylish accessory for men to enjoy.

Fashion Statement or Fashion Faux Pas?

If there are still doubters to the trend who think that a man wearing a bracelet isn’t ‘manly,’ it should be suggested that they look at the history of the accessory. Going back through the ages, men often wore a type of bracelet jewellery. Men of the prehistoric era would wear bones and shells around their wrists in an attempt to keep evil spirits at bay. Kings and warriors would wear armbands and bracelets, some of an extravagant nature when at home and some with a rustic design that were made to be worn on the battlefield.

As time moved on money became increasingly important, as did the need to show it off to others. Wealthy men for instance, would wear expensive bracelets as a sign of their wealth and power. This trend lasted well into the 1990’s, with men wearing chunky gold jewellery with the intention of it being noticed. This style of bracelet is now seen as unfashionable and over the top, with the idea of showing off your status through expensive and overpowering jewellery frowned upon as something completely unnecessary.

In the present day men across the world wear bracelets for cultural and traditional reasons, showing commitment to a tribe or religion for example. In the western world the bracelet is fast becoming a fashion necessity, although within certain parameters of style and taste that must be obeyed in order for it to accepted in general society!

What’s your Style?

When thinking about what style of bracelet to invest in, there are a few points that you should consider.

  • Will you be wearing the bracelet on a daily basis or just for special occasions?
  • Do you want the bracelet to attract attention or is it a subtle accessory?
  • Would you like the bracelet to have any sentimental meaning or is it for style only?

Once you have these answers clear in your mind, it should make the decision of what style of bracelet to choose much easier.

Ideally a bracelet should reflect your personality. For instance if you are sporty and into outdoor pursuits, the Boing Teal Mix Silver Clasp Bracelet would be the perfect accessory. Colour is also important, especially if you would like to wear the bracelet with most outfits, including office wear. In this case a darker colour may be easier to match with everyday attire, such as the Boing Black Middy Leather Clasp Bracelet. The leather is also a beautiful material to have around your wrist, being both soft and comfortable.

The best type of bracelet that you can wear on a daily basis is one that is comfortable, has texture and a colour that won’t be frowned upon by your employer. If the bracelet was a gift from someone it will hold special value for you, meaning you may never take it off!

The modern bracelet is both stylish and meaningful. A man’s bracelet in particular is a fashion accessory that has grown in popularity over the past few years and it is likely to continue doing so. The style can be simple yet creative, such as the Boing Sea Green Double Wrap Bracelet, which also includes a fashionable designer logo.

Sometimes in fashion, less is more, which is certainly true in the case of men’s jewellery.